Saturday, September 6, 2014

Style board #1: Hell Bunny Claudia dress

I don't know about you but I love putting outfits together in my head. I have never actually documented it but it seemed like something fun to do and then share with you all. I guess you really do get a closer look at my style as I never really post every detail of my outfit or what I could have worn instead.

1. White cropped cardigan: Similar here & here
2. Hell Bunny Elastic waist belt: Atomic Cherry
3. Red rose hair flower: Atomic cherry
4. Erstwilder Wesley whale brooch: Stars and swallows
5. Hell Bunny Claudia dress: Wild Kitty Clothing
6. Chiffon hair scarf: Similar here & here
7. Erstwilder Seafarer brooch: Stars and swallow
8. Joy and Merriment flat in white: Modcloth
9. White petticoat (Not pictured): Here, here & here

I love this dress and do in fact own it in blue. I always kind of wanted the red but no where had it in my size at the time. That being said, the blue one is a little too small for me at the moment, it's something I am working on.

I really am not a fan of wearing a belt in the same pattern/colour as the dress, I love to add a bit of matching contrast to the outfit and that is exactly what the white belt does. I wouldn't always wear a cardigan with this outfit but on them colder days and evenings its kind of needed but that's where the cute Erstwilder brooches come in! The brooches would look cute either on the cardigan if you are wearing one or on the wonderful huge collar of the dress for that extra cuteness. I would only wear the chiffon scarf if my hair was styled into a beehive or a bun but when its not the  roses work great for when my hair is down and curly
. I really enjoy wearing simple shoes with patterned outfits, I don't want to take to much away from the outfit but I still want them to be cute and the Joy and Merriment flat are just perfect to finish this whole look off!

Do you have a dress you want me to style for next time? 
Well post it below!

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