Monday, September 8, 2014

Modcloth Monday #5

As I look at the 7 dresses I choose today I realize that they are nearly all blue. I swear I did not do this on purpose, I guess I am just sick of the constant grey sky out today that I wanted to see some blue.
I ended up going through all 8 pages of dresses on Modcloth just to cheer myself up about the weather but that doesn't matter. You get to see even more of my favorites from the site!

Lets start with both the Bake shop dresses (1 & 3), both equally as cute as the other. I picked this one out today because of the amazing collar/neck line but also the colours in both designs.  The emerald dots dress is the most perfect shade of green which really helps the dots to stand out. The bicycle print on the other hand is just to adorable not to show you all. The dress is fully lined and has a pleated waist for that extra skirt fullness.
Dress is by Emily and Fin.

I have gone to put the Rooms for bloom dress in my Modcloth Monday so many times that I just realized I popped it in last weeks! Oh well, it doesn't hurt to have it here again.
Silly me, it is Monday after all.

Who doesn't love a sweet boarder around the hem of a dress? Well the Blue Ribbon baker dress certainly delivers this. This wonderful fit and flare dress features a lovely full skirt and a darling white embroidery around the neck as well as the hem that is accented with pearlescent beads.
I love the whole shape to this dress, I am a sucker for a full skirt anyways. The white and the blue really work together to deliver one amazing frock.

The East coat swing dress really does make me want to do a bit of swing dancing around the front room in my leopard print slippers today. This dress is made from a slight stretchy material that makes dancing a breeze. I love the contrasting in the white dots on the cap sleeves, waistline and the oh so fabulous collar that actually has removerable bow tails for a completely different look. This dress is defiantly the go to for a night of stylish twirling on the dance floor. 

I want summer here already! Or at least less windy weather so I can actually go out in the fabulous Make a grand entrance dress, well that's if I owned it. This dress just screams the perfect spring dress for this year. I was pulled in by the beautiful vibrant print in hues of pink, green, and teal on white. They all go together to perfectly to create this beautiful dress. I am also really loving the deep V shaped neck line, a wonderful frame for a statement necklace.
This dress is also marked down as well! How much better can it get!

Last but defiantly not least is the Swell-heeled dress. I have seen a fellow blogger supporting this dress and I must add she does look fabulous in it. I think I was drawn in not only by the wonderful bright blue colour but the 3 leaf shaped cutouts around the neck. These leaves also match the 2 on the forward facing pockets. Each one is outlined in black piping to help it really stand out along with the black satin decorative buttons that runs a line between the pockets. Finish off this look with a belt and you have one cute looking outfit!

Its getting very close to me moving out from my boyfriends parents house and into the big world very soon so I have been looking around for cute items to make the rental house a bit more homely.
These 3 items certainly would make any house stand out.
I like cats, and that's where the Purr-Fect doormat comes in. I may not be able to have cats in the rental but I certainly can be greeted with some every day if I had this on my doorstep.
I want the Mix and Fla-mingle lights just because. I was meant to buy some last year in a local shop but sadly never did. I would love these hanging around the top of my dressing table mirror to help me put my make up on each morning and to make me smile for the rest of the day.
I don't wear scarves so you could say the Cultivate organization scarf hanger would be pointless for me but I do have a drawer or two full of Bandannas and hair scarves that I wear from time to time. They are getting all smooshed and I have to pull them all out just to find one. This hanger would be perfect to sort them out and make for easy access. I think I need one (or two).

How about 3 pairs of amazing shoes to finish off this weeks Modcloth Monday? I think yes. I won't tell you why I am in love with each of these designs as they do kind of speak for themselves. I shall just let you droll all over the screen like I am at all three. 2 & 3 also come in other sweet colours and The designer behind the Tweet of foot sandle (Miss L Fire) has a heap of amazing designs on Modcloth currently.

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