Thursday, September 25, 2014

A cute Sunday shopping OOTD

So you all seemed very interested in the OOTD I posted yesterday so I thought I would post another. I took these images a few weeks back now at a time my hair really needed re-dying so just ignore that :)
Oh and it's in my messy dressing room/storage room for when we move out.

 photo imagejpg13-8.jpg  photo imagejpg9-13.jpg  photo imagejpg15-9.jpg  photo imagejpg17-7.jpg  photo imagejpg8-12.jpg  photo imagejpg16-9.jpg

Dress: Target Via Salvos stores ( I love this second hand dress, best $5 I ever spent)
Belt: Came with Blue Birdie dress Via Pin Up girl clothing
Cardigan: Dangerfield
Hair scarf: Made by me
Bracelet: Second hand
Swallow Necklace: Made by my boyfriend :)

I will defiantly aim to post more of these! Especial next month for Frocktober which you can donate to by clicking right here!

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  1. A lovely outfit! I really like the dress and only $5?! Very cool!