Thursday, September 25, 2014

Things I Love #8

 Strawberry. Cherry and Peach Earring and Necklace sets all from 

I saw these posted a couple of weeks ago and then again today on the Ms Katt's Kustom house official Facebook page and both times I fell in love. I am very unsure as to which one is my favorite  but if I had to choose I would go with the super cute strawberries because I don't own a strawberry necklace yet! Just wish I could wear the matching earrings, sometimes having stretched ears has its down falls. Each set is so unique and would make a perfect statement piece to any outfit!

Grace Wrap circle dress

I wanted to post a lot more of the dresses found on the Vivien of Holloway website but I  managed to restrict myself. As you may be able to tell it was my first time going through the website so I was falling in love with things left, right and center. The grace wrap circle dress stood out me not just for the amazing prints it comes in but the very classic and elegant style it has. The dress has a wrap style top which flatters any size bust which then flows out into a huge swing skirt, defiantly a dress that's going to show off all them wonderful curves. As far as I can see this dress comes in 11 different styles and colours which makes making the choice so much harder. I am secretly swinging towards having the Red sweetheart one in my wardrobe.

I really wish I knew the source of these as they are do die for! I remember seeing one similar to the left at a market once and practically drooled all over it (not really, it was behind railings), ever since then I have just wanted one. My boyfriend said maybe one day he'll attempt to make me one instead of paying the hefty price tag on them.

Its no secret that I love Erstwilder brooches, I seem to wear one almost every day so I felt like I need to refresh my wish list. I have not bought one in forever and I really need to get my hands on the little cat with the glasses and the hot rod so bad but sadly my bank account says no, I just hope they don't disappear any time soon. Vintage pip has been pulling at my heart strings for weeks not with the daily updates on what they have in stock from Erstwilder and I just kind of want them all! How amazing is the Halloween cat, no wonder it keeps selling out, its purrfect for Halloween fun.
 Vintage pip does not just stock an amazing range of Erstwilder but they have a great collection of all things retro, quirky, vintage, inspiring and fun from a few wonderful artists. They defiantly have one of the best ranges of Erstwilder out there though, with constant updates.

Don't forget I am taking part in Frocktober this October and any form of Donation is much appreciated! I promise to bring you so much dress related fun!

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