Thursday, August 28, 2014

Things I Love #4

Its Thursday again so that means its time for my weekly Things I Love post :)

Women Boxing on roof, Circa, 1930s

Some of you may have seen this image floating around already but it's just too great not to share! I wish I could have been a part of this.

Lady in bottom is Pinupdaysvintagenights on Instagram

So I saw the brand Pigtails & Pirates not long ago via Pinupdaysvintagenights wearing it on Instragram and I immediately fell in love. Not only is there an amazing range of floral dresses, but there is pretty cute flamingo dress to and I am a sucker for anything covered in flamingos. Every item is hand made and designed in Australia by the self taught seamstress Laura Jones, who is one talented lady with amazing style! Pigtails and Pirates begun in 2011 and is a growing business but Laura still manages to deliver great quality and love in each garment!
I just need a few ;)

These appeared on my Facebook news feed a few minutes ago via Wild Kitty Clothing and instantly I knew I needed a set in my life. They have flamingos on and they match, what more could a girl want?! 
The first set is the most beautiful shade of blue and the black is just a great staple in any wardrobe. I can think of many ways I would love to show of this set. One being wearing a huge plain swing skirt and petticoat paired with a cute contrasting pair of flats.
I feel like I am slowly signing my life away to Flamingos and I am completely fine with that :D

I have been a huge fan of Luxulite for ages now and I am yet to make my first purchase. This wonderfully talented lady just keeps coming out with super cute designs to go with every outfit, therefore making it super hard to decided! I am loving all the pastel colours and fruit themed brooches and necklaces. All the items are based off 40s and 50s style jewellery and each one is handmade using vintage fruits and beads.
I am a little worried about starting off with one and then seeing how quickly my collection will grow from there.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Things I Love!

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