Saturday, August 30, 2014

Rolled side bangs tutorial

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Necklace and Brooch: Erstwilder

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One of my go to easy fringe styles is the rolled side bangs. I can normally do the fringe in under 2 minutes and then popped the rest of my hair into a ponytail, bun, beehive, curls and probably more. Its a simple hairstyle that still looks super cute.
This style is very similar to how I do my bumper bangs but can be far easier.

You will need: 

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bobby pins
hair accessories (optional)
Hair tie or clip (not pictured)

 photo imagejpg1-32.jpg  photo imagejpg4-14.jpg

Brush out hair and make a section at the front (pictured), clip or tie the rest of the hair back out of the way.

 photo imagejpg5-12.jpg  photo imagejpg7-9.jpg

Hairspray the base and tease with the comb. You want it to be standing similar to mine.

 photo imagejpg9-8.jpg  photo imagejpg11-7.jpg

Give the ends a slight hairspray, leave to dry a little then curl. Don't hold the curlers here for more than 10 seconds.

 photo imagejpg15-5.jpg  photo imagejpg1-33.jpg

Roll the hair up to the side. 
Notice how all my ends have stuck together, this was because of the hairspray. This really helps to keep the roll neat and pin in place easier.

 photo imagejpg17-4.jpg  photo imagejpg18-5.jpg

Pop a bobby pin in each side of the fringe. Sometimes you may need more than one.

 photo imagejpg22-4.jpg  photo imagejpg23-4.jpg

Hairspray each side and tuck in any fly a ways.

 photo imagejpg20-5.jpg

You may need to pull slightly on the inside to create an even and longer roll.

 photo imagejpg26-3.jpg
Hair flower made by me.

Style the rest of your hair and add hair accessories!

 photo imagejpg40-1.jpg  photo imagejpg8-6.jpg  photo imagejpg4-13.jpg  photo imagejpg28-3.jpg  photo imagejpg41-1.jpg  photo imagejpg1-30.jpg

Super simple hair style in under 2 minutes!
If you need extra help, check out my bumper bang tutorial or just ask below.

Remember practice makes perfect!

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  1. I feel like mine never go across my forehead quite like yours. Also mine are always super frizzy and I don't like it at all. But yours are perfectly flawless ;)