Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fremantle & Flamingos

So today my Boyfriend had a very rare day off so we headed down to the lovely town of Fremantle. Pity it was super windy so getting any good outfit pictures was difficult.
It did result is some comical pictures though.

 photo image-12.jpg  photo image-13.jpg  photo image-15.jpg  photo image-16.jpg

Dress: Hell Bunny Larissa Dress
Shoes: Shoe show
Petticoat: Hell Bunny
Cardigan: Coles
Necklace & Brooch: Erstwilder

I love going to Fremantle and try to go as often as I can get my boyfriend to. I spent most of the day looking in second hand shops and cute places.

 photo image-18.jpg
Sneaky picture of my boyfriend in the background :D

One of my favourite places had to be this amazing bike shop where I saw my dream bike!

 photo image-20.jpg

Oh and the shop that sells heaps of Hell Bunny of course :D

 photo image-19.jpg

Here's a few pictures I took when I got home because I was having a good beehive day :)

 photo imagejpg1-30.jpg  photo imagejpg2-19.jpg

Necklace & Brooch: Erstwilder
Hair flowers: Gloss

I sure hope you are all having a swell day :)

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