Sunday, August 10, 2014


It's no secret that I love everything Erstwilder comes out with so I am devoting this whole post to every Betty Jo sparrow and Flamboyant Flamingo ever created (pictured above). These two have to be some of my favourite in my own growing collection and join me on my collar nearly every day.

Just a little slideshow of myself featuring my Erstwilder collection.

All of these amazing pieces are designed by Louisa Camille in Melbourne, Australia and are made of a very good solid resin so you just know they will last a life time by your side. Each one is limited edition and also are becoming very collectable. There are many designs out there bursting with personality and many more to come, so it won't at all be very difficult to find one to match every outfit you own and maybe a few more for good luck. Each one comes in its own cute little box with an even cuter teapot tag which makes a very good place to store or even display them in. They are all at a very affordable price and they don't just stop at brooches, there is necklaces, earrings and even a few bags out there too.
They are just the best quirky little designs to keep each of your days dandy.
I must point out that these can not be purchased off the Erstwilder official website or Facebook but there is quite a few stockists out there so its easy finding somewhere near you. Your one stop Pin up shop, Vintage Pip and Coconette are just a few places you can find Erstwilder online.


If any of you follow Erstwilder on Facebook or Instagram you would know that there is a huge new spring range coming out in the next few weeks. I don't know about you but I will be very poor after I acquire all of the cuteness.  
Here is just a few of my favourites from each new range.

In the Jungle
Talulah Toucan and The Humble hummingbird are incredibly adorable.

Dressed to impress
I'm feeling a strong cat theme here but Farrah the French kitty and Elissa the indie cat are very stylish looking felines. 

Imaginary friends
Now who wouldn't want Dina Dragon or Martha mermaid taking them on a fantastic adventure every day?

Make sure you are keeping your eyes out for these and the rest of the amazing spring collection on websites and in stores really soon.

I don't think I can leave this post at just this, I just have to give you all a sampling of Erstwilder's other adorable wearable creatures. There's anything from bouncing bunnies to a pair of love smitten love birds named Liv and Len. 

I sure hope you have fun falling in love with each of the cute Erstwilder delightful companions and that I have shown you a new friend to add to your growing collection or even start one. :)
Erstwilder really is the perfect addition for any novelty brooch lover or collector out there.

Images on this post unless stated, belong to Erstwilder

How many Erstwilder creations do you have?

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