Thursday, April 9, 2015

Things I Love #24 - Pinup Girl clothing wishlist

Its been over 2 weeks since my last blog post, I am sorry guys! I do love you all still, I just got a tad busy with family things. I have so much happening in the next week or so including getting my first corset! I can't wait to start wearing it and showing you all my progress along the way. I have wanted one for ages so I finally took the plunge and ordered one from Orchard Corsets.
Enough rambling now, time to move on to this weeks Things I Love post. I decided to devote this post to all the wonders of Pinup Girl clothing. I am a huge fan and have a wishlist as long as my arm but for today I will only share a few of my favorites to celebrate the start of the Mary Blair release :)

I am not overly crazy about the Mary Blair collection as a whole but these 3 defiantly stood out to me for their cute and quirky patterns. I am absolutely head over heels in love with the Ella dress in Lips and roses print, its just beautiful from top to bottom. The image just does not show you the perfection that is the print so you will HAVE to click through to take a better look. I am loving the pink colour used in the Jenny Skirt in Umbrella print, its so cute! The pattern of little umbrellas is one of the sweetest designs I have seen to date. I know it wouldn't be very practical but I would love to go out in the rain wearing this and holding a cute matching pink umbrella and twirling around. Last in my top 3 Mary Blair items is the Aurora dress in Train border print. I was drawn to this one due to its bright yellow colour, I am still going through my yellow obsession phase. I have admired a vintage train border skirt in the past and just loved the whole idea of the train circling around the bottom like a children's toy. I was so undecided on whether I liked the skirt or the dress better in this print but I am swaying more to the dress because of the amount of yellow!  

These two dresses have been on my wishlist for a little while now. I am still unsure if I want the Orange border print in the Jenny dress or skirt but either way, I have to have it. I have the similar styled Cherry Border Jenny skirt and it is one of my favorites due the way the print flows around the bottom and up. I don't think the Nancy dress in Blue Lemonade dress has been around for that long, I don't remember its release. The cute little flower details look amazing on the wonderfully blue background. This has to be the cutest summer dress out there and it also comes in pink!

The Evelyn in yellow and black vintage floral has been on top of my wishlist for a very long time, just been waiting for a good reason to finally order it. Now I think about it, I don't really need a good reason to order it, I should just order it before its too late like the Harlequin skirt I missed out on and found on Ebay! I have the Birdie dress in the same print but blue and its just beautiful. The detail in the flowers is just amazing and one that has to be had in every colour and style possible! I am a big fan of how this dress comes with the matching bordello, sometimes you want to match when you want to cover up and sometimes you don't. I am glad that option is there. I also am loving the cute little bow detail under the chest, it makes it that little more wonderful!

I could go on with the amount I want from the Pinup Girl clothing website that one day I hope to own! Until then I will slowly keep adding to my wishlist :)

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  1. Love the Nancy dress! Blue or pink lemonade would suit my tastes. ;-) Nice picks for your wishlist.