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Palm trees and parasols - Emmy Design review

Have you ever found the most perfect dress and never wanted to take it off? It happened to me this week when I received a lovely gift from the Swedish brand, Emmy Designs. I have admired them ever since I saw June from Junebugs and Georgia Peaches wearing one of their fabulous designs a while back. and ever since have not got them out of my mind. 
They recently brought out their summer range for 2015 and its beautiful. I did pick out an older design originally to show you all but they suggested a dress from the new range and I'm so glad they did. Its the perfect summer dress and I wish summer wasn't coming to an end in Australia so I could just keep wearing it forever more. I got sent the lovely Malibu beach dress in vacation mint blue, I'll stop rambling now and actually show you its beauty.

How cute is it!? I actually wore it Oz Comic Con after I snapped these images and got a flood of compliments on it. Everything about it is so perfect so I can see why it got a lot of attention. I really wanted to take pictures by the sea which I live 3 streets away from but the weather thought otherwise. I did manage to get a quick break in the rain for 10 minutes to set up my tripod and be silly in the park, thankfully no one was around. The rain may have gone away but the wind didn't so my hair goes a bit crazy at times so I apologize in advance for the birds nest upon my head.

You have no idea how excited I got when I realized I had purchased the most perfect matching vintage brooch last year. My partner must have thought I was crazy as I ran to get it from the bottom of my brooch box just to show him it paired with the dress. I think I purchased the brooch for under $3 in a secondhand shop and all most died when I found it. Its so cute! Wish I knew a little bit more about it. I did find the exact one but in white in Google images but sadly the Ebay listing has gone away for me to find out anything a bout it. I'd love to know a little something on it.

I love the fact that Emmy Designs cater for the larger woman and pretty much all of there items goes up to some large sizes. I'm wearing a 46 but I am not sure what that translates to in Australian sizes so I went by the measurements on each item to get the perfect fit. I probably could have gone with going down a size due to the stretchy material but that is fine, makes it extra comfy! The material used is a cotton and spandex blend and feels amazing. Its got a slight stiffness to it which creates such a great full skirt look on top of a petticoat.

There is so many features on this dress that its hard not to love it. The straps tie up into little bows (or any knot you wish) which also is great if straps are sometimes to loose or to big on you, they can be tied to any tightness you want. Just another reason as to why its so comfortable! You may also notice that there is no horrid underarm digging in because of the aid of the straps.

Another amazing feature in the dress is "hidden pockets in the side seams to hold cash for ice cream" as said in the cute description on the Emmy website. I found I could fit a quite chunky camera in them without being able to notice it from the outside. Its just great design thinking. Emmy sure do stick by the statement first said on their home page, "Emmy is a Swedish brand who stands for feminine, well-fitted garments that embrace and enhance the female shape - just like in the good old days!". That saying could not be more true about this dress. You will also find a nicely hidden zipper down the back so you can easily get in and out without messing up your hair.

The print is everything on this dress. Every colour and shape works so well together I am a little bit surprised that this dress is actually hanging in my wardrobe. Its the perfect dress to wear that little itsy bitsy bikini under and walk down to the beach, picnic basket in hand and lounge around all day while people passing by admire you.

My hair got a little wrecked towards the end of taking these but oh well, the dress takes the attention away from it. I really do need to add a lot more Emmy designs to my wardrobe, there is a lot I love and would wear almost every day, Id love to own the Malibu in all the prints, it really is such a perfect dress from top to bottom. Expect to see a whole lot more of it on Instagram as you will not get me out of it. I think next time you see me in it,  I will probably style it more for a colder day, Just because the suns gone doesn't mean the pretty dresses have to go away.

Other outfit details:
Belt: Dangerfield 2013/2014
Parasol: Gift
Pearl necklace and bracelet: Gift
Brooch: Vintage
Petticoat: Long Hell Bunny Petticoat from Beserk clothing
Hair Flower: Custom made from Pretty Penies

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Be careful looking around the official Emmy website as you are bound to fall in love multiple times.

My little Penny just gets cuter and cuter by the day! 
Thank you all for reading, I have more posts heading your way very very soon :)

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  1. Oh my god you look amazing- I feel like I need a dress with ice cream money pockets!