Friday, February 13, 2015

Unique Vintage #iamunique

"Embrace your uniqueness because it is your greatest achievement in life." - Miss Lixxie Lou

It's not every day you are asked what makes you unique but that's exactly what has happened to me today. The wonderful people at Unique Vintage sent me a very positive but simple email asking me what makes me unique. I had a little bit of a think (didn't take long) and thought to myself that yes, I am the only me in this world and that's pretty amazing.  Of course I said a huge yes to joining in the campaign as there is nothing better than being completely true to yourself everday.
The #iamunique campaign brings together a whole heap of beautiful, positive people from all over the world and asks them to show off their uniqueness. I can't explain how amazing this is, everyone needs to know that being themselves is perfectly okay (and pretty fabulous to) no matter what size, shape, background you come from and beliefs you may have.  

My first name is Alix and that it's self is pretty unique. For the first time last year in my 22 years of being around I met someone who spell their name the same as me. As a child I hated my name because no one would ever spell it right or I would be mistaken for a boy by teachers but I have grown to fall in love with it. Its different and I love to be different but that has only been a kind of recent thing.

When I was younger I felt most comfortable in horrid jeans that where torn at the feet and a over sized band hoodie or t-shirt. I didn't love myself for multiple reasons and just always felt down about myself. I wanted to be like everyone else out there but I felt I was to big and I wore glasses. I very slowly started to realized that there was nothing wrong with how I looked. I actually enjoy my round belly and big bum now days, I think they are kind of cute. I didn't think any one else would ever love them but my boyfriend makes me feel pretty amazing about them each day. Loving all my lumps and bumps didn't just happen over night though, it did take a little bit of my boyfriend telling me how beautiful I was from head to toe to make me realize that there really was nothing wrong with how I looked and that to him I was perfect in every way. I also learnt that wearing glasses is not a big deal. There is so many fabulous pairs out there that if I didn't need to wear them I'd probably wear them anyways. I always feel a bit lost with out them, not just because I can't see but because they make me me. You may point out that I don't wear them in my pictures but there is other reasons for that.

I remember as a teenager being told that I had to dress "for my shape" but I didn't quite know as to what that was meant to mean. I figured if something fit and I felt good then that was dressing for my shape. This is where I started to learn more and more to be myself and to not be like the next person I see. Even though my style has changed over the past 5/6 years, I have always dressed to please myself and no one else. That made some people angry but I really couldn't care less, I was feeling amazing and no one could burst my bubble. I think the whole journey I took to love myself really makes me unique. I have been through a lot in terms of body image but I am so happy with where I am at now.

My body may not be perfect to most people out there but to me it is everything. It created and held my beautiful baby girl, Penelope for 9 months. I am so proud of every scar I have from the experience and wouldn't change it for the world. The human body is an amazing thing and being a mum is a dream! I also really like the tiger stripes on my belly (stretch marks), I some times colour them in for fun! :D

I think one of my favorite things about myself that makes me unique is that I very rarely wear the same hair style twice. It may look the same but I have always changed something. Be it the way it sits or the giant hair flower. I take a lot of pride in my hair, I never ever leave the house without it done in some form of fabulous way. I could be walking down to the local shops on a hot summers day to get some milk, I'm not bothered about how my face looks I just need my hair to look good! I also find it so hard to dress down, I only own 1 pair of pants and I have hardly worn them. I don't know where this obsession came from but when you love something about yourself so much you really need to embrace it.

Lately I think I have surprised a whole bunch of people because of being a new mum but being able to still dress up and make an effort each day. I was doing that from day 3, I put on a dress and did my hair to leave the hospital. I wouldn't have felt comfortable otherwise. You could call me crazy but I take a lot of pride in the way a I look. My big dresses and quirky jewelry is everything to me. It makes me feel amazing when I can pop on a fabulous dress and walk down the street attracting a whole heap of attention. Not all of it is good but I ignore that now. Hearing the positives makes me smile and stronger each day.  

I have many tattoos, scars and piercings that are not every ones "cup of tea" but I love them. You can frown all you want at the candy hearts on my leg that say "Fuck you" but its exactly what I am thinking when you feel the need to voice your opinion about how they will look when I am older. I think I am going to look pretty bad ass when I'm old. I already plan on rocking bright orange hair and pulling around a little cherry covered shopping cart :) I regret none of my choices, including the time my hair went a horrid green colour or the time I made my fringe an inch long.

I think there is so many reasons that make me unique, but then there is so many reasons that the next person is unique. No one is ever the same, including identical twins. Embrace your uniqueness because it is your greatest achievement in life.   

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