Thursday, February 12, 2015

Things I love #20 - Hearts and Roses London

I think there is one brand out there that just doesn't get noticed a lot and that is Hearts and Roses London. I already own quite a few from the brand but find myself falling in love with more and more each time I roam the internet. I decided to put together a collection of my current favorites that I found on Modern Pinup (JBR Clothing) which just happened to be 9 but there was more!

One reason I love H & R London is because of their use of bright prints that you wouldn't see any where else. I actually saw the Cora dress in person a few days ago and I have to say its just as perfect in real life as it is in the pictures, if they had my size I would have bought it home! The Lily dress is one I haven't seen before but fell in love straight away. You will have to click through to get a closer look at this floral print as it is quite delicate but it all works so well. The Lily also has the cutest sweetheart neckline! I am loving the collar on the darling dress, it has a kind of sailor vibe to it but it really works with the bright colours. Red and blue is my favorite colour combination and it looks amazing with the florals in this dress. 

Not only does H & R London have a great range of florals but they have a great range of plain coloured dresses to! It was hard to only choose 3 to fit on the page. If we go back a few months to October you can see that my birthday dress was actually one of the plain dresses, You can take a quick look here if you want. I wasn't originally set on the Chloe dress as I'm not one for lace but as soon as I clicked through I was wrong, its actually really cute. It makes the dress feel really elegant in my opinion and something I would defiantly wear for a trip to a fancy restaurant on Valentines day. The other two dresses here don't have to much happening but are still really amazing. I love the polka dots around the collar in the Recital that matches the belt the dress comes with. I think this is a dress that's perfect for everyday life. The Sarah dress has my favorite neckline from H & R, its a real eye catcher, plus the dress also comes in red

More patterns? Why yes because you can never have enough bold patterns in your wardrobe :)
The Lilac dress is another I hadn't seen before until today but fell in love immanently, I think I have become a bit floral obsessed this summer! Once again this is another fabulous floral print with so much detail that you have to get a closer look at. I don't own any purple but I think I might have to change that with this dress. You also have to get a look at the cute sweetheart neckline that's used in this dress, it quite perfect for displaying one of your favorite necklaces. The Camilla dress is one of the best polka dot dresses I have seen in a while. The polka dots are super big so the pattern doesn't look at all lost, especially paired with the black border around the waist, collar and button details down the front. My favorite feature on this dress is the ruffled effect around the hem that you can't really see in image due to the white background but it's there. Last on my huge list of amazing H & R dresses is the Arianna which I nearly bought a few days ago but realized I couldn't afford it at the time. I am a sucker for rose prints buts it's not to often you see pink and yellow ones. You wouldn't think pink and yellow would work well together but they do. This dress also has yet another fabulous neckline. H & R are really amazing at making different and unique necklines if you ask me.

I don't just love H & R dresses for the way they look, there is several more reasons as to why my collection is growing fast. Firstly, each dress has an amazing fit.They are made from slightly elastic material that really helps to show of all them fabulous curves while still being really comfortable. Each one of the dresses also goes up to a size UK 20 which is far to hard to find these days. Lastly is the amazing price tag they hold. No where near expensive and amazing quality for the price you pay.

I really suggest you get on over to Modern Pinup to check out the rest of this amazing brand.

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  1. I love hearts and roses London as well! Hey maybe i need to buy the Camilla one as that is my name or the Arianna one as that is my niece's name! :)