Thursday, February 5, 2015

Things I love #19

There is just so many amazing things that have come out since I last posted a Things I love post. It was super hard to only choose a few items but here you go! :)

Lindy Bop are always bringing out new dresses but these 3 have just stood out to me so much that next week I plan on buying at least 2 of the 3!

The Audrey style has to be my favorite from Lindy Bop, I wear my one so often that I just need more to shake things up a bit! There is so many different colours and patterns in this style that it just makes it hard to choose which one to get next. I am really loving floral prints this summer and already have a few bright tropical prints but I kind of want something softer. The pink rose pattern is perfect! I love all the colours used and how delicate the roses look. There is so many possibilities in how this could be styled.  

Who doesn't love shirt dresses covered in polka dots!? I know I do. Shirt dresses has to be my favorite design out there, I am not sure why there's just something fabulous about the whole shape. I am obsessing over the Matilda red polka shirt dress and plan on buying it as soon as I have money. I think Lindy Bop have really out done their selves in this dress and I really really hope they bring out more colours and patterns because no doubt I will buy them all! Oh and this one is the most perfect red with the best sized polka dots, why I don't own a red and white polka dot dress already confuses me.

Lastly in the amazing new dresses from Lindy Bop that I must own is the new May shape in Black Hibiscus, yet another fabulous dress. I saw this pattern used on another dress last year and fell in love with it but the shape was all off for me, I really am not a fan of halter necks. I was so happy to see Lindy Bop having used it on a dress that has amazing shape. This will be the second dress I buy next week as I think it is perfect for summer and also fuels my tropical pattern need! 

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to have a little girl and wear matching outfits, thankfully Pigtails and Pirates have made that possible in the cutest way ever! I have been eyeing off the amazing Flamingo flare dress for ages now as it is covered in my favorite thing and also because of how wonderful the over all shape is. You can kind of guess my excitement when I saw there was a mini romper in matching material for little Penelope to wear! I think it would be amazing to walk down the street wearing a matching outfit to my little one, I know it would turn some heads and make me smile from ear to ear! 

How amazing are all these fruit themed items from Doll me up darling!? I could have sat there and shown you some of their beautiful clothes but I think I will save that for another day. I just had to show you these before the Australian summer ends. I am so obsessed with tropical and fruit themes this summer that I need more related accessories to match my growing dress collection. The watermelon bag has to be one of the cutest bags I have seen in a long time. Its so simple but really makes a statement and even though there is no watermelon on the fruit cocktail necklace, I think they would go so well together. You all need to check out these and the other amazing items on Doll me up darling, you wont be disappointed. 

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