Friday, February 6, 2015

Seabound Style board inspired by Voodoo Vixen

1. Anchor Enamel hinge bracelet in white from Sourpuss
2. Seafarer brooch by Erstwilder via Vintage Pip
3. T.U.K White metal anchor shoes available here and here
4. Joni dress by Voodoo Vixen
5. Tiny sideways anchor necklace available here
6. Collectif Sailor vanity bag in blue via Trash Monkey
7. Anchor enamel hinge bracelet in navy from Sourpuss

I was so inspired by the "Joni" dress from Voodoo Vixen in their latest releases that I just had to do a style board! I had so many ideas buzzing around my head about how this could be styled but then I remembered the bag and thought it was the perfect match and thus this style board was born.

First of all we have to talk about how perfect the dress (4) is. I love so many of the new designs from Voodoo Vixen but this one just stood out to me the most. I love the use of the amazing white sailor themed print against the navy blue background, it really helps to make both colours pop. It is then finished off with some lovely fine detailed white trim around the bottom, chest and belt that really brings the whole contrast in colour together. I am also in love with the neck line and sleeves, its a great cut for people a little self conscious about their arms like myself but it also has a low cut design around the chest. It all looks really flattering, especially with the use of the pulled in waist with the use of the matching belt and the full skirt. I can not wait to get my hands on this dress!

When I saw this dress I was instantly reminded of a bag I saw not to long ago that kept popping up everywhere. The Sailor vanity bag in blue from Collectif (6) is a match made in heaven for this dress! I was also so thankful to read that it comes with a long shoulder strap as well as the short handles, perfect for use during the day and the evening.

Shoes! I had a think about what sailor themed shoes are out there and believe me its a lot but mainly heavily patterns ones, I decided use of more pattern would just clash too much as none are ever really the same. I then remember a pair of shoes I bought many years ago now, been a while since I have worn my Anchor shoes (3) from T.U.K (they are in need of a good clean) but if and when I get my hands on this dress I will pull them out for sure! The shoes are simple but match so well to the little anchor details in everything else.

This outfit wouldn't be complete without some anchor related accessories. The two bracelets from sourpuss (1 & 7) and the cute yet simple necklace (5) are super adorable and bring the whole outfit together.

There is so many great Erstwilder brooches out there, especially with the new range. I decided to choose an old favorite that I have posted a bunch of times in the past. The seafarer brooch (2) would look adorable pinned to the front of this dress but I did have other choices from the new range that I have to share!

I didn't forget all of you in the colder climates or those here in Australia who want to wear this dress into winter. Voodoo Vixen also have the perfect matching cardigan to keep you warm!

I hope you fill inspired reading this style board just like I was making it! I think this has to be my favorite one I have made so far, everything just works so well! I really want to make more of these in the future, I find them super fun. One day I would love to recreate this look, I already own the shoes so only another 6 items to grab :)

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  1. Love this whole look!!! <3 I am marrying a sailor, so I am totally in to the nautical look! Love your style boards :-D xxx