Friday, December 19, 2014

Things I Love #17

I am really obsessed with retro and quirky looking aprons right now and I think I found the most perfect ones from Once Upon a Poodle on Etsy. I found them earlier in the week while re-searching for my Christmas style board but never featured them as I wanted Christmas related ones so I saved them for today. It was so difficult to only choose 3 to show you all, there was so many. I love all of these for their relation to retro and the diner look but Once Upon a Poodle also do character related ones to, Snow white being a personal favorite of them all. If you are wanting a cute apron for yourself then I suggest looking at these! They are just beyond cute.

I guess it really has been a little while since I checked out City Chic because I have not yet seen these beauties! I don't own too much from City Chic but when I do end up getting something, it fits perfectly and I just feel so confidant. For my followers not in Australia, City Chic is a plus sized shop here with a range of clothes and underwear. All designed so perfectly in the way they fit a woman's body to create a perfect figure. These where just 3 of my favorites from the currant range. They look so summery and comfy, yet still really cute and easy to dress up. Annoyingly for me they are all on sale currently and I can't afford one. Hopefully soon! 

I am sure by now you have probably seen this wonderful bag from Collectif, it has been popping up here and there for a while now. I don't understand why I have never featured it though, its so gorgeous! I am a sucker for anything with cherries on so you can partly see why I like it but its also a very stylish bag to finish off any outfit. Its made from a high quality vinyl with a marbled Lucite style plastic handle and cherry detail. It also closes with a zip and has two main compartments insides that are separated by a middle zipped compartment, there defiantly seems to be plenty of room for all your day to day (and evening) items. I am also glad to read that it has a detachable shoulder strap to! I love having the option of being able to have it over my shoulder or in my hand, it can create two very different looks for day and night. Catfight Collections currently have this beauty in stock :)

After putting this Things I Love post together, I noticed how very colourful it is! I love it and I hope you do to! 

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