Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas style board - Red vs Silver

Earlier last week I made a post all about my favorite Lindy Bop dresses for Christmas, I ended up with a list of around 10. I was originally meant to do the style board then but just could not decided which dress to do it on, I then figured I'd ask all of you for which one you wanted me to style! Your top vote was for the Myrtle Green dress (10), a stunning dress in every way. I myself am not a huge fan of halter neck dresses so I decided to also present your second vote which just happened to also be in the same green, the Lucille Green dress (4). Both dresses are super cute on their own but can be dressed up very Christmasy if you wanted to.
After much thought about what Christmasy colour to pair both the dresses with, I ended up settling on two. Both the red and the silver accessories can be worn with either dress and still look amazing. I figured that not everyone is into the whole red and green colour scheme as it can be to bright so I presented an alternative. Both very Christmasy but still very simple in how they look.

I knew when I first saw both the Miss L Fire shoes that I had to include them (3 & 13). They have a slight heel but nothing to major that you won't be able to dance the night away after Christmas dinner in. I just love the whole look of the Mary Janes and these ones are just perfect because of the wonderful glitter patent look they have and the the teardrop cut outs at the toes. Perfect for this festive time of year but also any time of year when you want to dance and look cute all at once.

I didn't include any hair accessories for the first time in my style boards but that's only because I am obsessed with the Sculpture pin curl tool (7) at the moment. I think using this to style the hair would just be an accessories in its self. I would end up having a lot of height and curl in my hair that I wouldn't need to accessories as it would just take away to much from the perfect curls that have been created.

Some of you are pretty lucky and get to have winter Christmases, that has to be something I miss about living in England. There's just something not right about a hot Christmas spent at the beach but oh well. I included a couple of plain but cute cardigans from Poppy England (1 & 11) to help keep you warm and finish off the outfit with the same colour scheme. Still looking rather sweet might I add :)

I don't think the outfit would be complete with out some very stylish handbags (2 & 12) in the same kind of glitter colour as the shoes. They would just match so perfectly! Especially when held with the wonderful matching glittery nail colours (6 & 8) to add a bit more festive fun! I also feel that both dresses no matter what colour scheme is being worn needed that amazing pop of some Lime Crime red velvet lipstick (5), It would last simply all day no matter what you got up to.

 I added in petticoats (14 & 15) in matching colours but didn't add them to the board, of course if you didn't want to wear one of these that would be fine. I really love a fuller looking dress and wear petticoats under pretty much everything.

Last but defiantly not least is my favorite Christmas Erstwilder brooch (9) this year! I just love this little festive pooch in his little Christmas hat. I want to take him every where this year to spread the joy around! 

I have this thing about Christmas aprons this year and all the vintage advertisements of women wearing them while cooking big fancy dinners. I think there is nothing cuter than a woman dressed head to toe in an amazing outfit but then paired with a cute apron while she cooks. I found the above two on Etsy but there are so many to choose from in all different shapes and sizes. I kind of want one for all year round but in polka dots!

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  1. The Lucille Green dress from Lindy Bop is my favorite!!

  2. Myrtle Green dress by Lindy Bop is perfect! I must buy it!!

  3. Those dresses are gorgeous!!! Love the aprons too, they are adorable!