Thursday, December 11, 2014

Clara dress from Happy Hour Pinup review

How cute is this black and white polka dot dress!? I first saw this dress on Sunday when I helped the lovely Happy Hour Pin up at their pop up shop. Not only was the this dress and others being launched the following day but the lady behind Happy Hour Pin Up was wearing it and looked absolutely fabulous! She asked if I would like to review it for all my readers and of course I said yes, so the next morning I was gifted one in my size and spend the day prancing around.

My images once again are not so great. I am currently at the stage of living in a new house and trying to find the perfect spot to get full body images with the best lighting. I really need to ask Santa for a camera!

I really love the polka dots on pretty much anything but somehow there really isn't that much of it in my wardrobe, I really need to invest in some more. The colour scheme used for the whole dress is just perfection, every one contrasts each other really well and helps to create something that draws people in. I am so in love with the use of red around the neck, arms and of course that cute bow on the chest. The little bow really brings the whole dress together and makes pairing all my favorite red accessories with it so easy.

The shape and fit of the Clara dress is wonderful from top to bottom. The design and shape of the neck and sleeve area make it a great dress for people a little self conscious of their arms and shoulders like myself.  The material has a little stretch to it which makes it very comfortable and has no unnecessary digging it around the underarms. There is also a very generous amount of room in the chest area for those bigger chested but want the fitted waist.  I wore a petticoat with mine but because of the great design in the skirt there is really no need to wear one, it manages to flow really nicely from the waist down. I'm 5'8' and this dress comes just above my knees.

This dress is made from 100% Polyester and water pretty much just runs off of it, great for myself and the little one on the way. The material is also very lightweight and breathable, perfect for those warm or should I say hot summers days here in Australia. I just know that this will come into regular rotation in my wardrobe. Its just so comfortable to wear!

The Clara dress comes in UK sizes 8 - 24 with measurements shown in the listing if you are unsure. i am wearing the UK 20, I am normally around a size 16/18 Australian. 

Other outfit details:
Necklace: Gift from a long time ago
Hair roses: Gloss
Belt: Taken from a Lindy Bop dress
Petticoat: Hell Bunny short in black via Beserk

I also want to point out that this dress does look fabulous at 35 weeks pregnant! 

There is also two other amazing dresses that was launched on the Happy Hour Pin up online store on Monday, I just have to show you them as they are also super cute!

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