Thursday, September 11, 2014

Things I Love #6: Home editon

I am currently in the middle of buying everything I see for when I move out in the next couple of months with my boyfriend. We already have a huge pile of stuff but that seems to mainly be kitchen stuff but I really want more cute decorative items to make everything feel more like home!

While browsing through Pinterest at retro kitchens I saw a few of these pop up. They are the most amazing clocks I have ever seen. They are cut from steel by Steve Cambronne (Stevotomic). He designs and makes each clock (and signs) all by hand. Each one is a one of a kind which makes it even better! I really love the Eat clock (The last one), these would be fabulous in any retro styled kitchen.
Delonghi Red kettle and Toaster

I actually already own this set, I just love them so much I wanted you all to see! They are still sat in boxes waiting to be put on display and of course used. These where not cheap in terms of what else is out there toaster and kettle wise but they just look so pretty it was hard not to convince my boyfriend we needed them.

Every time I have walked into Target this week I have picked up this cushion and admired it. I don't need it and I doubt it will go with anything in the house but it's just to cute! 

If you need a shower curtain then Sourpuss is the place to look! I love these quirky designs and would really enjoy showering behind one.
Sourpuss has an amazing range of different home wares. Have a good look at them if you have the chance to!

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

You may have seen me mention my love for The CRAVE yard before but I love them so much I thought I should add them in here. These are just 4 of their many amazing fabric choices they have. I really want to grab one (or many) meters of the fabric and just decorate a whole room with it. Think cushions, curtains, blankets and just anything else fabric!

1 // 2

I can't have an amazing retro kitchen and not dress up to be in it. Both of these are also from The CRAVE yard. Each one is a one of a kind and made by hand on vintage sewing machines.
I would make a Sunday roast any time if I got to wear these!

I am thinking I might do another home edition Things I Love in the a couple of weeks. There is just too much out there!

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