Thursday, August 7, 2014

Recent travels

So if you follow me on Instagram you would notice that I have just come back from Bali with my family and of course my boyfriend, Nathan. 
The main purpose of going away was because my parents planned on renewing their wedding vows on their 25th wedding anniversary but also it was to have a great week away from our normal lives.
The wedding was lovely, with views over looking the sea as the sun set and a dance party to end the night.
I braved wearing a big Pin up girl clothing dress with a petticoat in very hot weather but I'm so glad I did.
Here's a few snaps from the evening -

My sister, Dad, Mum and myself.


My Sister Georgia and I.

Nathan and I.

Dress from Pin up girl Clothing.

Of course we got up to a lot while away, Shopping is always great fun, well for me at least. I  managed to find a bunch of great items that I am sure you will be seeing pop up on here and Instragram in the next few weeks.

One of my favourite things in Bali is an American Diner called Johnny Rockets (Beachwalk shopping centre). Sadly we don't have a single diner in Perth so I have to get my fulfilment in Bali. To my surprise this time, in the newest shopping centre (which I have completely forgotten the name of) a new diner has opened called Cosmic Diner. I could have spent forever in here!

 photo image.jpg

On one of our last days we decided to travel out of Kuta and headed towards the town of Abud for a silver jewellery making class. It was around an hour drive away so we made a day of it. The class ended up taking around 2/3 hours but the end results were worth it. I made myself a cute cherry ring while Nathan, made me a little sparrow necklace with our initials on the back.

 photo image-1.jpg photo image-2.jpg

Another thing we had to do in the little town was visit a place called Monkey Forest. Which basicly is a forest where tiny monkeys run around stealing bananas and other belongings. The idea of this worried me slightly but I couldn't not go in. Seeing a monkey running around is rather amusing.

 photo image-3.jpg

I know I could tell you a whole lot more about my week away but for now this post has dragged on a bit so i shall leave it at that. I may make a post soon with the wonderful purchases I made. Think wicker handbags and saddle shoes.

Been anywhere nice recently? 

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  1. Love your blog so far doll. nominating you for the Leibster award :) click this link for more info!


  2. This is what I call it a small fun filled wedding. My cousin also wanted to have a similar style of vow renewal ceremony for parents. First I thought it would be so plain and boring but after looking at these pics I realized I was so wrong.