Thursday, August 21, 2014

Things I Love #3

Well today marks two weeks since I started my little blog and I am overwhelmed by the response! I have gotten over 4000 views and a heap of new followers over my online accounts! 
I will keep doing what I am doing but I would also love to hear what you want to see from me to! I only have so many ideas and I know you all must have far more!
Thank you again <3

On to Things I love #3!

How sweet are all these Lindy Bop Audrey dresses!? Lindy bop create so many amazing dresses but I thought I would share my favourites from one style today and save the others for another day. I have loved Lindy bop every since I got my first dress around a year ago for a wedding. There are many Audrey dresses to choose from but these 3 caught my eye because of the colours. I am a sucker for red, red and greens and blues. My favourite of the 3 is the Picnic pattern. I love the simple gingham print, it makes me want to put on a huge petticoat, go on a picnic and eat cupcakes! Well, they all make me want to do that! Lindy bop are great at catering for all sizes but they do it without a huge price tag. Each dress is reasonably priced making it okay to buy more than one ;)

This brand, For the love of vintage caught my eye the other day on instagram. They are cute little brooches all hand painted and unique designs to them. I think the designs are great, really quirky and different but I am finding difficulty in working out which one would I wear, a "Capulet" or a "Montague" brooch!? Each one of these is made from 100% recycled Bamboo and she has a few more designs then what I have pictured here! I can not wait to get my hands on a few.

Kit-cat Klocks from Your One Stop Pin Up Shop

Cat Clocks!? These are the greatest clocks in the history of clocks.
These are called Kit-cat Klocks and have been around since the 1930s. My favourite thing about these is that the tails wag and the eyes move when the clock ticks, making them even cuter! They come in a range of colours and each measure 15inches long. I need a few of these so I can set them up next to each other just to watch the tails wag in time.
These are available at one of Australia's greatest Pin Up shops, Your One Stop Pin Up Shop.

Just because it's still cold here in Australia does not mean you can't pull out the cute floral dresses just yet! Each of these dresses are from Unique Vintage and are made from a light weight comfortable material so they will be great for when summer does finally come but until then would look great with a cardigan to match the amazing springtime floral patterns. Each one comes in larger sizes and has a little stretch in the material for that extra comfort and amazing figure giving abilities. I love all of these beautiful dresses and really can not wait to own at least one (or all) :D

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